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Over the past several years, Dr. Mulholland used leading industry technology to pioneer many new, non-invasive aesthetic laser and skin care therapies. Highlighted below are some of the most recent, and most popular, of those techniques.

A new 30 minute injectable facelift, restores youthful volume and proportions with off-the-shelf injectable products. It's fast, effective and profitable. Click here to view an archived of the webcast featuring the VolumaLift™.
The most popular light based, non-invasive skin enhancement in North America. Join over 2000 physician practices who are certified in this cosmetic procedure.
Register to learn the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in North America! The Threadlift™ is a suture-based, non-incisional suspension facelift that can be performed on an outpatient basis and is effective and affordable.
LipoLite™ is a popular non-surgical liposuction-like body contouring procedure that combines Radio Frequency-Infrared technology (the VelaSmooth), together with mesotherapy and carboxytherapy to provide circumferential reduction, skin tightening and some improvement in cellulite.
Botox based skin care! Learn this revolutionary new application for botox for dermal enhancement and skin tightening! No loss of mimietic motion, delivers firmer, tighter skin and is combined with traditional skin care and even standard mimietic modulatory uses of botox. Open up a whole new avenue for botox use in your practice!
Pan G™
A non-surgical facelift that does not involve cuts, threads or even expensive RF or IR systems. A good entry level for non-surgical facelifting, as well as an optimal way to protect the results from your Thermage, Threadlift™ and Facelift™ patients.
Click here to visit www.panglift.com for more information.
Learn the ultimate in microdermabrasion and stratum corneum reduction. Fast (full face in 15 mins), effective in keratinocyte reduction, hydrating, no disposables, gentle and versatile for all skin types! Triple the microderm patients you can treat successfully in a single hour, or day!

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