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Mulholland DR University

SpaMedica® International developed Mulholland DR University, offering certification programs in aesthetic enhancement procedures developed by Dr. Stephen Mulholland.

Our aim is to ensure successful outcomes for both doctors and consumers. SpaMedica International will offer a combination of hands-on training, seminars and webinars for physicians to gain access to advanced skills training and learn new medical aesthetic procedures. All aesthetic workshops and techniques run by Dr. Stephen Mulholland are supported by didactic information, visual procedural videos, new technical updates, online marketing and marketing and practice management modules.

Our comprehensive skills training course is structured to support all areas of your practice. All courses are structured to ensure development of physician surgical skills either by hands-on training or demonstration and tutorials. Your training sessions will also include best practices examples and how to's for internal and external marketing to increase profit for your clinic. Please visit this section often to see the new courses dates that are being offered.

There are four modules of the Mulholland DR Training Site currently, which include:

Get the Point™

A comprehensive course on needle based therapies such as VolumaLift and DermaFirm as well as general use of hyaluronic acid fillers and Botox. Volumalift is a new revolutionary injectable facelift, volumization procedure to address volume loss which is a key sign of aging. DermaFirm uses Botoxand other neurotoxins to the face/neck to reverse the signs of descent. In addition, general uses for face, neck and palmer/axillary hyperhydrois. This module also includes webinars on "Making Beautiful Lips" and the "5 Minute Nose Job."

FotoFacial RF Pro®

FotoFacial RF Protreatments are full face, neck, hands or body treatments using Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency energy combined in the same pulse. These gentle, no-downtime treatments are used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the face, neck or body.

The original FotoFacial procedure was co-developed by Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., a dermatologist and Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland, a plastic surgeon, bringing together the best of aesthetic dermatologic skin care and cosmetic plastic surgery, into one non-invasive procedure.

The FotoFacial RF Pro is the next generation in high-tech skin enhancement.

VelaSmooth™, VelaShape & DC Lipo

VelaSmooth, VelaShape & DC Lipo are popular non-surgical liposuction-like body contouring procedures that combine Radio Frequency-Infrared technology (the VelaSmooth), together with Mesotherapy and Carboxytherapy to provide circumferential reduction, skin tightening and some improvment in cellulite.

Laser Lipolysis and Smartlipo™

Register to learn one the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in North America! On each of these sections you will have at the click of your mouse, extensive training videos both introductory and advanced techniques in Smartlipo and laser lipolysis. In addition, we provide you and your office with numerous laser lipoylsis clinical forms and documents that we use at SpaMedica.

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