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SpaMedica® International SRL was formed in 2003, as a center for the coordination and implementation of advanced physician training and education in the art, science and business of cosmetic, aesthetic medicine. SpaMedica® has not only championed the delivery of "cutting edge" cosmetic procedures, but pioneered the use of web-based technology to deliver into the hands of the physician, the latest in aesthetic enhancement techniques from the comfort of their own laptop.

The worldwide agent for SpaMedica International is Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland. SpaMedica® Canada is the brainchild of Robert Stephen Mulholland, M.D., physician and internationally recognized, cosmetic plastic surgeon, surgeon
and lecturer.

The name "SpaMedica®" has a very special meaning. It purposely unites the service and ambiance of a traditional spa environment, combines it with the science and efficacious outcomes of medicine, and applies these two concepts to the aesthetic restoration of vitality and appearance.

SpaMedica® was established in 1988, when a group of prominent Toronto area Dermatologists formed Laserderm, a clinic devoted to cutaneous laser skin treatments. Laserderm grew in experience and reputation, becoming by 1995, one of Canada's premier laser skin care centers.
In 1996, Dr. Mulholland was appointed Director of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and the concept of SpaMedica® was born. By 1998, Dr. Mulholland, now the owner of SpaMedica®, had become one of Canada's leading cosmetic plastic surgery authorities. However, Dr. Mulholland quickly recognized that many clients do not desire cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures, yet still want to look and feel their best, and present a youthful, vital and confident appearance.

Over the past several years, Dr. Mulholland has used leading industry technology to pioneer many new, non-invasive aesthetic laser and skin care therapies and has continued to build SpaMedica® into Canada's most recognized, umbrella aesthetic care centers. SpaMedica® Infinite Vitality Clinics offer a full range of aesthetic services, laser skin care procedures, cosmetic dermatology, medical spa services, aesthetic nutritional services and aesthetic plastic surgery.

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